Compliance Services

When choosing to work with a medical waste disposal company you want to choose the very best company the usmap-300x199ensure federal state and local compliance.  Our service provides 24 hr compliance solutions, by creating a management team of highly skilled trains and knowledgeable experts that do nothing else but researching compliance issues for each of our clients and then making sure those clients are always kept up to date.

When dealing with bio medical waste disposal which constitutes the disposal of scalpels, needles, blood, waste from infected patients, pathogenic waste, ect., you will need to work within the compliance and regulatory arm of organizations like:

DOT (department of transportation) *they will determine the rules and guideline for how the medical waste must be packages and labeled for transport purposes to be disposed of

DEA (drug enforcement agency) *regulate controlled substances that are being disposed of such as narcotics

NRC (nuclear regulatory commission) *regulating any radioactive medical waste

OSHA *determining worker safety guideline for medical waste disposal practices

In addition to these EPA, CDC, and other state and local guidelines must always be being met with the highest degree of professionalism.

We help you take the guesswork and legwork in what you need to dispose of and what you don’t.  By having our own in house compliance department we can assist you to determine what you need to dispose of and what way it needs to be disposed of.  By knowing all the aspects of the medical waste disposal business our professionals are able to save you time and money.

The majority of our clients are hospitals in need of medical waste disposal, nursing facilities and hospice centers in need of medical waste disposal, dialysis centers in need of medical waste disposal, and doctors.

However our management team is ready to assist with any questions or out side the box situations that call for expert handling of bio medical waste.  Please contact us today at 1-608-467-4080.